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marry a widow mom

My name is Sumathi and this is my story. I am married to my hubby Rao 25 years ago when I was 20. A year later we had our son Ramesh. Rao did not wanted anymore kids. So he had his tubes done. We have given all our lives to Ramesh's upbringing and he turned out to be a good lad. He finished his engineering and went to US.

Last year he returned for the first time. The reason is sudden loss of his father. It was a devastating time for both of us and he immediately came home. I never thought I would live through that time. But I did and it also changed my life for ever. Ramesh stayed back with me after the funeral. We sold all assets in the city and went to the village to live with my father. Ramesh also joined me. I kept telling him I will be ok and he should go back to US but he didn't.

A month after his dad's passing away, I noticed Ramesh being more intimate with me. He touched me and hugged me more and was always around me. I took it lighter as he needs to take care of me now and he is showing it that way. But 6 weeks after my hubby died, my dad came to me one morning and started talking about my future. I told him being a widow and looking after my dad and my son is my future.

He said me 'you should look after your son more and you should marry again'

I interrupted dad 'No dad! I can't marry anyone anymore! Please don't ask me!'

Then he became more appeasing and he started explaining. He kept saying if I need to take care of my son, I need to marry again.

I was interested what Ramesh thought about me marrying again. So I asked dad.

He said Ramesh not only approved it, he is the one who suggested it.

I was a bit shocked to hear that my son suggested me to remarry.

My immeidate thoughts were that Ramesh might be thinking I am a burden to him and his plans.

So I told dad 'If Ramesh thinks it ok, it ok with me too!' 'where is he?' I asked.

Dad said he wend to the market to get some grocers.

I saw happiness in dad's face.

I asked him 'So, does this mean I have to make myself presentable to prospective grooms again?'

He said 'No! I have already chosen one....you will like him!'

I was surprised! I asked 'does Ramesh know him too?'

He said "yes!"

There was a big silence between us. I was puzzled at the amount of underground work that my son and my dad did to make me remarry. I felt sorry that they already feel I am a burden to them.

After a while I asked dad 'Well, dad, aren't you gonna tell me who is the groom?'

He said 'what to say? you already know him'

My brain wandered off to all the people and particularly the bachelors I know.

I was puzzled.

I was annoyed. I asserted dad 'cut the chase and tell me who is it?'

He said "Its Ramesh!"

"Which Ramesh?" I said.

"How many Rameshes you know?'

I counted and said 'The only Ramesh I know is my son'

'Then he is your groom'

'shutup dad!' I cut his words. 'don't play with me...tell me!'

He said 'I am not joking! Ramesh is your groom!'

'What?' I said. 'Ramesh is my son for god's sake!'

'He is a grown man now Sumathi' my dad said.

'But he is my flesh and blood...how can I...how can he?'

My whole world is raoming around me. I caould not expect this.

'He himself asked me..he wantas to marry you' dad said.

'Ramesh himself asked you? He asked his granddad to marry his mother?'

'Yes! At first I thought he is joking and its wierd. But after a while I thought he can say that'

'What? That it is legal and moral to marry his mother?'

'I may be immroral but its legal my dear. According to the law he can marry you as you are a widow'

'But he is my own son? How could you accept this? Even if you do, I cannot'

'Its too late for it dear! I have already signed the agreement'

'Agreement? What agreement?'

'That I will get you married to Ramesh' 'But how can you do this? I am his mother and your daughter' 'He didnot ask me as my grandson. He asked me as a father to a daughter he loved' 'And then you signed the agreement!!! What was the agreement? Did he promised some favour in return for me?' 'Yes' 'What was the favour dad?' He was silent. I asked him again with anger. 'some money'

'Money? Thats great! Now you sold me. You sold you daugher for some measly money! How much?'

How much dad?' I screamed.

'500,000 rupees' he murmurred.

I was shocked. I didnot believe I heard right. It is a lot of money. I had to ask dad again to make myself sure. He again told me its 500000. He even said 'He said he is ready to give more'.

I could not help being a little proud that I am not cheap.

'You would take more if you can..haven't you dad' I hissed....'selling you own daughter to your grand son'

Dad got angry. He said 'Look! Your son offered me money in return for your hand in marriage. You are are a widow anyway! And you will always be with him. I am not marrying you to a stranger.'

I answered 'Thats what! You are marrying me to my own son'.

He said 'Whats wrong with marrying your son? You already love him. Now love him as your husband.'

I almost cried 'You are a very hardman dad! Very!' I ran to my room with tears in my eyes. I don't know how many hours I cried. I slept thru until that evening. I got up about 5pm and felt very run down.

I went to the kitchen to make evening dinner. I ate something and wanted to make some coffee. I looked around to make some for others and found only Ramesh is home. He is in his room. I made some coffee for him and took it to his room.

I knocked on his door and walked in. He was sitting on his bed reading something, looked at me and immediately turned away.

I said 'coffee for you'

He said thanks and took it.

I sat beside him.

There was a big silence.

I could not look at him. I didnot know if I loathe him or love him.

I could not keep quiet...'You want to buy me? Your own mother?'

'I love you mother' he said looking into his book.

'Is this the way to show your love? By buying me?'

'I wanted to be more closer to you mother'

'More closer? You mean like lovers?'


'I am you mother for god's sake Ramesh! How could you think such a thing?'

'Because I love you' he didn't look at me.

I am loosing my anger. I kept quit for a while sipping my coffee.

'But why?'

Ramesh paused for some time.

Then he said 'I know you will be idle mother. I want to be near you too.'

'But you can be near to me as a son!'

'I can. And then you would ask me to marry too.'

'So what? You can marry and we all can be together. You will have kids and I can spend my rest of days with them.'

'Yes but I want to marry you and have kids with you.'

SHUT up Ramesh! I am your mother'

'For the same reason mother! I want to marry you!'

'Now you are saying you lust for me?'

Ramesh paused a while.

'Yes! But for a long time now'

'How long! Even before your dad left us?'

'Yes! longer than that'

'How long? year, two years?'

'Almost five now mother'

I stumbled on my cup. God! My own son was lusting for me for almost 5yrs now!

'You disgust me Ramesh! How could you have those feelings for your own mother?'

'Because I love you?'


He didn't speak a word after that. He returned the cup after he had his coffee. I took it an walked away. There was a big silence for the rest of the evening. Dad returned, we had our dinner and went to our respective rooms, all without saying a word.

That night was a very disturbing night for me. I never knew how and why I got into this mess. I kept thinking about it all night. But the more I thought about it, the more I started taking lighter aspects to it. The only horrible thing is that Ramesh is lusting for me, his own mother. Now that I lost my hubby, he is making arrangements to fulfil his lust. I could not accept it.

The best part is, atleast he is getting his wish fulfilled by proposing to marry me legally rather than thru other horrible ways. He knows I will reject his proposal if I am approached first. Thats why he started from my dad. Bribing him and paying bride money. What can poor dad do? He needs money and with that kind of unearned money, he can live well for the rest of his life. He doesn't have put up with his widow daughter living with him either.

My thoughts were getting positive. Its not too bad for me either! I still get to live with Ramesh and I cannot loose him to another girl in his life. Only thing is I have to bed with him as his wife. He will have access to my secret parts of my body which is forbidden for him. He will have right to open my blouse and lift my saree and pettycoat.

A thought of all this itched me more between my legs. I could not believe I am wet thinking about my own son. Things have changed and so are my feelings, I thought.

I could not help but finger myself that night thinking about my son making love to me. Surprising for me that I am not feeling any guilt thinking about another man just 6weeks after my hubby died.

The next day I caught hold of dad by himself and asked when is the wedding fixed. He was delighted to hear that! He went to his guru and fixed the marriage at a temple. The day was 20 August...five days from the day I asked him.

I kept Ramesh in control though! I could see him in his highs as he might have known about the date too. But I gave him an impression that I reluctantly agreed for dad's sake. I felt like a virgin again. Marrying for the first time. I was more excitement for me than a virgin because I can see my would be husband is my own son. A Young handsome man who took shape in me and came out of me 23 yrs ago.

I decided I will let my son get a glimpse of my assets which he may not have seen before. So I did many things 'accidentally' like changing my clothes leaving the door open and making my loose end of the saree slip ove my bust more often. I must have overdone the stuff as he acted as he figured it out. He held my hips 'accidentally' somany times and brushed his 'willy' with my body every now and then.

The marriage took place the days evening at 4 pm at a temple near to our village. There were few people present and I never heard any murmur from them as they all know us very well. I later found out that Ramesh paid them handsomely too!

I wore a new silk saree which Ramesh bought. It looked exactly like the one I wore to marry his father. Ramesh though wore his dad's dress which his dad wore to marry me. In that dress he looked more like his father.

While the brahmin chanted all mantras, me and Ramesh performed pooja and finally Ramesh tied mangalsutra around my neck. It was an exciting scene for me with my own son tying the sutra around my neck to marry me. Then he sat beside me to complete other pooja.

We did all the things new weds too while marrying. My dad has performed parent's duties from my side and my brother has performed my duties for my son. Since I am my own mother-in-law, I had to take my new role of bride than my son's mother.

The weddings complete by half past 6 in the evening. Everybody followed us to my dad's house for dinner. They made me and Ramesh sit on special vip chairs as they had dinner.

They gave us food in one plate so that we can share while we eat. Ramesh took some food and offered it to me as I opened my mouth to eat. At that time I thought things have changed. While I was his mother I used to feed him like that. Now that he married his own mother, he is feeding me.

While we were eating, my brother came to us and said 'I dont know how to call you both? sister and bro-in-law or nephew and daughter?' We all laughed as I blushed.

Ramesh added 'wait until we have kids! you will have to decide if you wanna call them nephews or grandchildren' I could not help but blush more hearing the talk of my son making plans for making more chidren with his own mother.

The first night

Most of the relatives left as we got into the last ritual; the first night. It wasn't a first night of my life but it is my first night with my new hubby Ramesh. I could not imagine the same kid who grew before me and on my breast milk is now entering my room as my hubby on my wedding night.

They finished all rituals and then took Ramesh to our room. Few minutes later, my dad gave me a glass of milk and escorted me to the room amidst all laughs.

It was a shaking moment for me. I am going to celebrate my firstnight with my own son. I am taking a glass of milk for him as if I am taking it to my hubby. My own son is my hubby.

My dad slowly pushed me into the room and quickly shut the door behind me. I could hear him locking it from outside.

I took a look at the room and saw Ramesh sitting on the bed that was decorated with lots of flowers. Just like on my first night.

I slowly walked towards him hesitantly. He got up and met me halfway. He took the glass, drank half the milk and gave me the other half to drink. He helped me lift the glass to my mouth as I slowly drank the milk blushing.

Then he said 'Thank you mother!'

I was dissappointed he called me mother. I told him' I am your wife now, call me Sumathi'

He said putting the glass on the table 'Thanks but you are still my mother'

'Then why did you marry me?' I was dissappointed.

'Because I want to marry my mother...I want to make love to my mother'

It was a dirty thing to hear for any mother but frankly I was more sexually aroused listening to those words. I sought of liked it too. I want Ramesh to make love to me as my son rather as my husband.

Ramesh continued 'Our marriage is to make us hubby and wife only to the world. But in our family, we will still be mother and son. I will still respect you as my mother. You also treat me as your son.'

I interrupted 'If you still my son, then how can I treat you as my husband?'

Ramesh said 'Don't treat me as you husband. Treat me as your son-lover. A son who has lust for your body.' I was shocked to hear it but it was kinky for me too. I figured out Ramesh wants to make love to his mother than to his wife. His marriage is just a stunt to keep the community quiet.

Ramesh then put his arms around me and hugged me. He hugged me like that many times before but this time it was different. It was as if my lover is hugging me.

He slowly then pushed his crotch against mine. I hit ecstacy. He then slowly parted and brought his face against mine. I looked at him as he did into my eyes and then to my lips as he leaned and grabbed my lips with his.

I thought I am in heaven. My own son is kissing me mouth to mouth passionately. He then started kissing all over my face; then my neck. Then he removed my pallu over my blouse covered breasts as I closed my eyes as I am into the first steps of getting myself naked before my son.

He kept kissing on my neck and slowly getting downwards onto my chest. Then he planted his kisses around the rim of my breast and then planted his kiss right on the slit between my breasts and ran his tongue in it. It was a great experience for me.

He then loosened the tangles of my saree by pulling them out of my pettycoat. I was a bit embarrassed initially but Ramesh's shameless pulling drew me away.He then threw the saree away from us. I closed my eyes as I could not feel myself standing with my underwear before my son's lustful eyes.

He then kissed me on the blouse between my breasts and slowly reached my naked stomach kissing it and to my belly button. Then all of a sudden he put his face on my crotch and took a deepbreath from the pettycoat cloth.

I felt very embarressed. He then spoke saying' I was dreaming to do this for years now mother' I could say nothing. He continued 'You smell great as I expected' He then held on to the thread to untie the knot that was holding my pettycoat.

I almost lost my breath for a while. My instincts took over to struggle to make him not to untie. Then I realised I am married to him. Eventhough he is my son. He has a full rightful access to my body.

Before I finish my thought, I could feel Ramesh pushing the pettycoat down on my hips. His hands are gaining access to my naked hips and suddenly the pettycoat collapsed around me.

I am embarrassed to open my eyes as I enjoyed my son's lovemaking; moving his hands and touching my naked body.

Ramesh then touched my pubic hair with his nose and took a deep breath.

He then said 'Thankyou for showing me my temple mother. The temple of my birth.'

I said to him in my heart 'You are welcome son!'

He then got up to open my blouse hooks. Every opening of hook took me to another level of sexual ecstasy.

He then took off my blouse as I helped him still closing my eyes. Then he grabed my bra ends at the back and unsnapped it. Off came my bra as he took it off.

I am all naked before him. Before my own son. Before my new husband. It was all embarrassing.

He then whispered 'Thankyou again mother...for a view of motherly breasts where I fed and grew up'

I am too excited to talk nice. I thought 'Shut up and suck on your mothers tits you mother lover!'

As if he heard, he took my already erect right nipple into his mouth.

Thats when I thought I have become wife to my son. He is sucking my nipple. Same mouth but this time for pleasure. He sucked my nipple as my son and now as my hubby.

After a while of sucking and caressing, he stopped everything and stood in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my son-hubby take off his clothes. I could see his cock struggling to spring out of his untie and as soon as he did it just sprung out. It was long and thick. It was longer than his dad's. Eventhough I felt bad watching my own son's erect penis, I could not stop but watch as he moved towards me and hugged me.

Our first naked hug. Last time I hugged him naked was when he was 6yrs old. This hug was never like hugging my son. His dick probing my crotch and his chest pinning my breasts. He then took me to bed kissing me on the lips.

My heart was pounding as he pushed me slowly onto the bed and him leaning on top of me. I slowly adjusted myself to ly properly on the bed as he run his hands along my body curves.

'This is it' I thought.

While on bed, he started caressing my breasts while still kissing me. It was time for me to close my eyes again.

He then parted my legs and moved his body between them. I could feel his cock touching my crotch now and then as he adjusted himself.

Then he lifted his crotch. I could feel his right hand moving towards his crotch and after a second his fingers started probing my pussy lips.

A jolt of electricity ran through me as he parted my pussylips to guide his dick into my vagina. I will never forget the moment his tip touched the walls of my vagina for the first time. It was as if I am experiencing my first penetration. My own son's cock touching my vaginal lips towards new heights of sexual pleasure.

As soon as it touched my pussy lips Ramesh pushed himself deep into my vagina. I could not help but moan a little as my own son's cock invaded my pussy.

ONE hump and Ramesh collapsed on me and remained unmoved. His cock now completely inside me. I could feel his manhood completely engulfed by my vaginal walls as if it was waiting for it. His pubic hair is touching mine and I could feel his hardened balls touching the rim of my womanhood.

I felt like the cycle is complete between me and Ramesh. 23yrs ago I brought him to this world through the same hole and pretty much in the same position. Now 23yrs later the same son who came out through my vagina and became a man put his erect manhood into the same hole and in the same position I birthed him.

After few moments he started sliding his cock inside me. Finally he started fucking his mother. His own mother who he got to marry and today he is doing it as in our firstnight.

He slowly started to increase his speed. I was astonished by his style. It was like from an experienced guy. Fucking slowly and then suddenly variating the speed. He was doing it like a pro!

Meanwhile I must have had atleast 4 orgasms. I couldnot help but keep thinking that it was my son who is bonking me and beating his meat inside my vagina. My dirty thoughts were my orgasm contributors.

I don't know how long he fucked me as I was enjoying myself but looking at our sweaty bodies it must have been very long. I felt his first jolt of his cum hitting my cunt walls as he grunted. Few more jolts followed as he collapsed on top of me.

Now the cycle is more full with my son's cum spilled into the same womb he was spawned. My womb has become a place where two generations of men in my life, my first husband and my son deposited their wad.

The act is over; The marriage is complete. I am not his normal mother anymore. I am also his woman now. He has bridged the only gap between a mother and a wife. A wife does all the things for a man his mother does but also gives her pussy for him to fuck and procreate. The day a son fucks his mother, she will become his wife, married or not.

Thats why I respect Ramesh because he made me, his mother, his wife ceremonially before fucking my cunt. If he wanted my cunt, he could have made me his slut by other ways. He could have raped me or even seduced me into fucking him without marrying me.

So now I am legally and sexually his wife. As I was still recovering from my mother-son firstnight sexual act, Ramesh turned on to the bed from me as his limp cock got out of our incestuous bond.

After a while he asked me, 'did you like it mom?'

What can I say? My own son fucked me in the name of our marriage and asking me did I like it? I didn't know if I had to become his wife completely by saying 'yes' or make him think I am still his mother by saying nothing.

Eventhough my son just fucked me and violated our mother-son relationship, my motherly instincts are still not accepting him as my hubby. I might have accepted him as my lover; a mother lover but not as mother husband.

I did not reply him and turned away from him in protest.My womanhood though, has a different mind for itself reminding me of real truth by trickling the combination of his semen and my pussy juice along my thighs. I couldn't help but think I am sleeping with my son's semen between my legs.

Next day morning as I got up, it was a scene from incest heaven. I am naked and sleeping beside my naked son. My pubic hair is stiff as cardboard. The blanket has also got some stiff spots.

I could not believe my son is my husband now and we made love lastnight. I quickly gotup from the bed and looked for my clothes. They were all over the place. My saree is crumbed up by the door, my pettycoat is also on the floor between my saree and the bed, and my bouse and bra were by the side of the bed. I took them all and quickly dressed up.

The door was unlocked by now and I opened it slowly. As I walked out the clock struck 7. I quickly went to the bathroom. As I returned from the bathroom dad is sitting on the dining table reading the news paper and he greeted me.

'How is my bride daughter?'

I smirked at him. Then he said smiling 'Looks like my son-in-law has done quite a few things lastnight...you all curmped up!'

As I was about to reply him walking into the kitchen, he remarked 'Or shall I say my grandson has done few things to his mother'

That disgusted me. I said 'How dare you dad?'

'Well he is my grandson isn't he?' he remarked still smiling.

'Yes, but he is you son-in-law now.'

'So whats wrong with saying he did it to his mother?'

I got angry. I jeered 'Isn't you who got me married to my son? Isn't you who pushed me into my son's room for a firstnight with him? So why are you remarking about what my son did to me? Well, if it makes you happy, yes my son made love to me lastnight. My son fucked me like my husband and we slept naked together!'

'There you go!!! Now, are you happy?'

Dad got serious. He said 'I am always happy for you pumpkin. I wanted to cheer you up and tease you a bit.'

I felt sorry. I said 'Sorry dad, it is just that I am caught between being a mother and a wife. Unfortunately I am both to a single man. And I dont know how to cope.'

He said 'sorry dear, if you ask me, you have to stop being a mother to him. You should be a wife. Wife is more closer than mother. I am sure Ramesh married you to make you his wife not his mother. By marrying you, he indicated that you to be more than his mother. He wants your friendship as a wife.'

'But I am his mother dad!'

'I am sure you are, dear! But you are married to him now! You have to become his wife now. I know it would be hard for you being his mother. But you have accept him as your lover too!'

'But how can I share my body?...'

'Well you have to now. It is is clear indication that Ramesh wants your body too when he asked you in marriage. Everything else a wife does, he could have had it from you as his mother. So his intentions are straight.'

He continued 'Sure it might be hard for you being his mother. Look at him as a young man than your son. Think you are married to a young man than your son. Make him happy.'

That eased up my heart a little. I said thanks to dad and walked into kitchen to make some breakfast. A few minutes later, Ramesh got up and went to bathroom. After a while, I heard Ramesh and dad talking while I was making some dosas. Then suddenly Ramesh came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind. I was startled but kept my cool. He murmured in my ear 'Thanks for last night mother' and went back to the dining table.

I finished making dosas and took them to the dining table. Dad and Ramesh were sitting opposite each other and dad is still reading his paper. Ramesh kept watching me. As I was serving the dosas Ramesh quickly grabbed my pallu and started pulling. I was embaressed as as my blouse coved breasts are showing. I said 'stop that Ramesh'.

Ramesh didnot stop. I said 'Dad?'

Dad said 'He is your hubby dear. He can do anything he wants'

Ramesh added 'Thanks grandfather!' and kept pulling my pallu as I struggled holding.

Ramesh let go the saree end winking at me as I struggled myself to get the saree on top of me again.

I resumed serving as Ramesh kept looking at me with his lustful eyes. After serving I quickly vanished into the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, I let go the grim look as I infact enjoyed Ramesh flirting with me. How many mothers will get their sons strip their sarees with sexual intent? The feeling of mine drove me nuts.

I slowly got used to being a wife to my own son. My son's attittude towards me never changed. I can see he still loves me as his mother as he never treated me as his wife. He never showed his anger at me commanded me in doing something. His attittude towards my body though were never mother-like. I was annoyed several times as he treated me as his new wife. Slowly that cooled downed too. Now a days he even respects my no to sex. Previously he just stripped me and fucked me.

6 weeks after Ramesh became my husband, I got pregnant by him. It was a scary moment for me but the kinky part of my son knocking me up at 44 was surpassed my scare. I never thought I would get pregnant after Ramesh was born. I not only got pregnant but also it was Ramesh himself who made me pregnant. A month after Ramesh made me pregnant, he took me with him to US. Dad was sad but he knew that day will come.

I entered US as his wife as we have a marriage certificate. A 23yr old guy married to a 44yr woman. To his friends, I am still his mother.

We now have a beautiful baby boy now. He was born the day before Ramesh's father's death anniversary. We named him after his father. Ramesh wants to father another child with me and presently we are trying for it.

After almost 20 yrs I am back to active sex life. I never thought this would happen but it happened. Ramesh told me he would have had sexual relationship with me even when his dad was alive. Itseems he was planning to bed me somehow when he returns to India and his dad's passing away coincided suddenly.

Thats why he took no time in purchasing his mother for fucking. I already gave birth to my son's son before we commemorated his father's anniversary. I was holding his grandson which his son fathered through his wife on his anniversary.

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