Monday, January 28, 2008

master of home 4

this is Ramesh kumar Pawar i am sharing real true story of my own sex experience.i have already shared with you the sex experience which i had with my mom,sisters and mausi(mothers younger sister).in my previous story i explained how my mausi got pregnent by me and given a birth to one child(mausi husband had some medical problem).now i am again sharing the second pregnency experience of my mausi. The marriage of my sister was fixed and my mom called my mausi to our home chandigarh at one month before the marriage of my younger sister.mausi along with her husband and a small child(around two year age)came to chandigarh.she went to doctor along with her husband to say thanks and to take some medicine and checkup.after two days her husband went to village .one day(my mom used to go for marketing almost every day for shopping for sisters marriage)my mom along with my sister went to market for mausi and my self were alone at house,mausi came to me and see touched my feet and said thanks .she told that she got her child because of me and her husband love him very much and all the family member also like him verymuch and now her life is full of joy and happines,and she told me every thing is because of me and she feel me to be next to god as you have full filled her wish.her eyes were full of tears then i told her its allright and please donot weepthe she told these tears are of joy.then she told me she want one more child from me.i told mausi ,because of marrige of sister it will not be possible she told as it is the month of winter she will manage and againt she catch my feet then i told ok to her.

She huged me and kissed on my cheek.she bolt the room and removed her and mine cloth we both were naked and i could she my mausi after three year gape at nude.she started kissing me from top to bottom,shesucked my lips and asked me to release some saliva in her mouth she enjoyed that then she made me to laydown and she sit inbetween my leg and started sucking my lund as it was already erected.she pulled the forskin of lund down and she rolled her tounge over the tip of lund she sucked and tell me really it is sonice.she continued to suck my lund for 10 mnts some tomes she pree my lund with her teeth,the she took 69 postion over meand we both stated suckeach others.her buttok was over my mouth and she was continued to suck my lund ,i startedto cuck her chut(pussy) her pussy was wet and full of salty juice.i opened her pussy with my two finger and rolled my tounge in her pussy by this she was much excited and she was making sexy noise i told her to control her voice.afterthat i rolled over her and started to suck her big boobs one by one and squeezing one another she was much excited and told me please put yourlund in her pussy ,i inserted my lund in her pussy and continued to suck her boobs also still she was making sexy noise i again asked her to stop these sound.i continuedto fuck her and i fucked her by dogy position also.this session was contiued for about 50 mnts the i released my cum in her pussy,and she was much satisfied and told me that after three years she had this much enjoyment,then i asked her why, your husband dont give you this pleasure.

She replied me that the way i fuck her she likeit most ,she like the 69 position and she feel like heaven,and the way i suck her pussy and role tounge inside pussy gives her much enjoyment, she like my lund very much as it is thich& longer to her husband.she told me that her husband never fuck her in 69 position,dogy posion and her husband never taste the juice of her pussy.her husband finish the sex Session with in 10 to 15 mnts. She told me that your wife will be lucky and she will always be happy as you have a good thick and long lund and you go for long sex,and a lady always want this first before every thing. Now almost every night my mausi came to me and we had sex (it was easy for us to manage as it was winter session).after the marriage of my sister mausi planned to go her village along with her husband,and she came to me and again she catchmy feet and told me that she is again pregnent and she told my that god has full filled her wish and she feels me next to god,again her eyes were full of tears,finally she went toher village .she had now two children and she is living happy married life. Dear fiend i received many e mails but it is not possible to reply all some ladies has asked my that they also want to enjoy sex with their son but always feel that it would be a i asked tothe ladied of age group 30 to 50 yrs that my mausi is enjoying her life with her family after having the child from me and my mausi always say(privately) that i am next to god for her,now tell me what is the sin in that. Tks friend still i am enjoying sex with my mom.i will share the experience of sex with my bhabi (elders brothers wife) in next story.